The monitoring problem

When you think that you need to know what’s happening in your business or what’s happening your servers, you enter the monitoring problem. The monitoring problem starts with people just wanting to get a report of how many people are accessing my website. Then it usually evolves into how can I make more people come to my website.

Google analytics, is a popular way to address the initial problem: How many people are accessing my website? Where are they coming from? But, how do you address the questions that come afterwards: How do I get more people to my website? This is where the usual analytics seem to run out of scope. Can we get that same data of my website visitors and build a recommendation engine? I can easily make my visitors hang around more and engage more with my website.

This the typical life cycle of the monitoring problem. So, does this mean that you should consider a full blown monitoring solution from the start of your business. In this case the answer is not an ‘it depends’ but an yes. You need to innovate to survive, and for that you need to make the key decision of what and how to innovate? A monitoring solution will be invaluable, if it can provide you this information. Problems such as cost and complexity will always be present. Cost will always be converted to revenue if you make the right choice. The monitoring solution will always be an investment for innovation.