Making Soap UI work on a mac

Soap UI is a great tool. There are no two words about that. But, they have really bad problems on the mac. I just downloaded 4.0.0 and the UI doesn’t even load to send out a request. Looks like they’ve ignored the Mac, although they have gotten a flashy (totally unnecessary) installer for Mac. The only program I’ve seen who goes and does that.

So how to make it work. Download Soap UI 3.6 (or 3.6 beta 2), and it will work fine until you find out this nasty bug. You can’t change the address of the endpoint of a request you are trying to change! Very Annoying! But there’s a work around I came across looking at this forum post –

The work around is – Click on the drop down, click your mouse somewhere else and release it on the option you actually want to click and that should do it. I would’ve never figured this out for myself. Hope soap UI can iron out the mac issues, as it’s a great, great tool.

iTerm2 – The must have terminal for Mac OS

I’m used to splitting panes horizontally and vertically in Ubuntu. So for me, I needed something that does the same for mac.

iTerm2 was the answer. It’s a brilliant terminal for Mac that’s extremely smooth. Similar to Terminator for Ubuntu/Linux.

What’s best is that it’s the perfect answer for the ‘opening new tab in same directory I was working in for mac‘ problem. This is must have feature for anyone who’s used to working on a *nix platform. Here’s how to enable it –