WSO2 Business Activity Monitor 2.0.0 Alpha released!

After a lot of re-designing, re-architecting, re-writing, re-re-writing we have come with an alpha of the all new BAM 2. Although, this is still an alpha, it will provide a good taste of things to come in the major BAM release.

Here’s the (not so) official release note:

WSO2 Business Activity Monitor (BAM) 2.0.0-Alpha is now available for download at [1].
The 2.0.0 alpha version is a complete re-write of BAM concentrating on scalability, performance and customizability.

This release contains samples that can be run without setting up another server to send events to the BAM server.
  1. KPI Definition – Sample to simulate receiving events from a server (ex: WSO2 AS), perform summarizations and visualize product and consumer data in a retail store
  2. Fault Detection & Alerting – Sample to simulate receiving events from a server (ex: WSO2 ESB), detect faults and fire email alerts

Data Agents
  1. A re-usable Agent API to publish events to the BAM server from any application (samples included)
  2. Apache Thrift based Agents to publish data at extremely high throughput rates
  3. Option to use Binary or HTTP protocols
Event Storage
  1. Apache Cassandra based scalable data architecture for high throughput of writes and reads
  2. Carbon based security mechanism on top of Cassandra
  1. An Analyzer Framework with the capability of writing and plugging in any custom analysis tasks
  2. Built in Analyzers for common operations such as get, put aggregate, alert, fault detection, etc.
  3. Scheduling capability of analysis tasks
  1. Drag and drop gadget IDE to visualize analyzed data with zero code
  2. Capability to plug in additional UI elements and Data sources to Gadget IDE
  3. Google gadgets based dashboard

We welcome to use this and provide feed back ahead of the major release in Q1/Q2 2012.
Keys available at [2], [3].

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