Why you should not buy the Kindle Fire if you live outside US?

The Kindle Fire is said to ‘disrupt’ the tablet market. I certainly agree after looking at the very attractive price tag of $199. It seems like a super deal for someone who wants a tablet experience but hates to spend too much.

But this is all so attractive only if you live in the US. Yes, it’s only sold in the US, you may say, but I wanted to get a Fire and use it my home country (i.e. Sri Lanka). I realized all would be well, until I came across some amazon forum posts.

Here’s the what you can and cannot do when you use the Fire outside US:

  1. Using the Fire outside US? Yes, after purchasing the Fire you can use it outside the US. No legal restrictions there.
  2. Purchasing Apps outside US? No, you cannot download apps outside US. Of course, you can use apps that you have already downloaded while in the US. (This was the killer for me)
  3. Purchasing Books outside US? Yes, you can purchase and use books outside US.
  4. Using movies or TV features? No, you cannot download movies or use TV features provided by Amazon.
  5. Using web browser or email? Yes, you can use web and email as long as you are connected to a wifi access point.

So, I’ve changed my decision on buying a kindle fire and I’m going to pay some more and buy an Android tablet or an iPad.

One thought on “Why you should not buy the Kindle Fire if you live outside US?

  1. They’ve already rooted it. Shouldn’t be long until you can get ICS on it w/ Cyanogenmod, and then it’s a $200 Android Tablet. 🙂

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