Running FindBugs/Code Inspections = Saving countless dev hours

I wanted to write this post after learning so much from running FindBugs and Idea code inspections on my code over a period of time.

There was once a simple code I wrote after seeing some performance gaps, to introduce some local caching. So I used a simple HashMap implementation, which really couldn’t go wrong. Or so I thought. We put this up in the running system after some quick initial tests, and then it started to give all sorts of problems. A culprit was a piece of code like this:

private Resource getSubscriptionResource(Registry registry, String endpointUUIDPath) throws RegistryException {
 Resource subscriptionEndpoint = null;
 if (registryResourceCache.containsKey(endpointUUIDPath)) {
 subscriptionEndpoint = registryResourceCache.get(subscriptionEndpoint);
 } else {
 subscriptionEndpoint = registry.get(endpointUUIDPath);
 registryResourceCache.put(endpointUUIDPath, subscriptionEndpoint);
 return subscriptionEndpoint;

After this piece of code was running in the system, it started to give all sorts of errors (obviously) and I had to start by reverting the patch, going through the code to figuring out the problem, involving some proper QA to verify the functionality, and finally, applying the patch to the running system. This cost us maybe about 4 to 5 hours of dev/QA time. Of course, the blunder is obvious now, but not at that time.

If I took 5 minutes and ran Idea code inspections on my class over my code, it would show me this:

This simple inspection would have saved me so much of my time and my colleagues’ time as well.

FindBugs is a tool which can analyze your Java code and show you probable bugs, bad practices, performance bottlenecks and anti-patterns that looks perfectly fine to the naked eye. Many of us feel uneasy when fixing these reported issues as they seem unnecessary and tend to mess up our code. But those very little issues come back to you as  nasty bugs that bite you right where it hurts later on. One of the lessons I learnt from running FindBugs on my code is that double checked locking can introduce some really weird behavior in multi-core/ multi-threaded systems.

Here is what I saw:

It even provided me a great link, that expanded my knowledge about this subject ( Now I know how to use it properly, and also to avoid using it if at all.

I learnt these lessons the hard way. You don’t have to. Use FindBugs or Idea inspections or any other code analysis tool before you actually commit your code. It will surely save tons of your time, while give you an amazing knowledge of better coding practices.

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