Presenting BAM at WSO2Con

I’m extremely proud to be presenting at WSO2Con. I’m proud, not only because of the opportunity I have to present, but more so, because I’m part of something much bigger. I’m part of something that represents a rising of a tiny island nation through open source tech. To date, Sri Lanka has made its mark in the Apache world, GSoC, Sahana and many other open source communities. And now, an open source company from Sri Lanka hosts an event, that brings in people from over 20+ countries. And among them tech leaders from corporate giants such as ebay. I’m sure many people would share my sentiment.

I’m presenting on BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) for your SOA deployment at WSO2Con on the 14th of Sept at 2.15 pm. The conference will be held from 12 – 16 Sept. 2011, at the place I call home. The island paradise of Sri Lanka.

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