What the heck is Platform as a Service?

Software as a service or SaaS is something we come across everywhere. From Salesforce to Netsuite it’s all around us and most probably plays an integral part in most companies’ daily routine. So is SaaS and PaaS the same?

Actually, many SaaS companies do abuse the term this way. They provide a set of services and market it as a whole platform, and therefore term it as PaaS. PaaS is actually something that sits underneath your SaaS stack. PaaS allows you to build and integrate your customized solution on the cloud. So, basically, PaaS would allow you to build your SaaS and so much more. The real killer feature of a PaaS is that it can be a competitive advantage. Because you can leverage a PaaS and build your own solution, but SaaS provides just the same functionality to everyone. You only need to be able to afford to open up an account.

I learnt a lot of PaaS through contributing to the code of Stratos. The underlying concepts of multi tenancy, elasticity and provisioning gave me a lot of experience and actual knowledge how to implement them in running real life code. You can try the hosted version of this open source PaaS, at https://stratoslive.com/. Sign up is free, so please do give it a try. Also, if you are like me, you love to see the actual running code. You can download the source and set up Stratos on your own computer. Yes, you can do it on your laptop. I have 4GB RAM and it runs fine on my machine.

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