Complex event processing (CEP) for business activity monitoring (BAM)

Business activity monitoring is mainly based around the ability to define key performance indicators (KPIs) and the ability to monitor them. Monitoring just does not mean being able to monitor visually, but the ability to generate alerts as well.

The inherent ability of CEP is to define queries for a time windows makes it ideal for defining KPIs. The ability to fire events based on the result of these queries allows us to make use of these events to fire alerts as well. So by integrating a CEP engine and a messaging system actually allows a product to have KPI definition and alerting functionality.

For a WSO2 product, we both have BAM and CEP features available in the feature repository. WSO2 Business Activity Monitor, or WSO2 BAM, already has a powerful visualization and monitoring framework. We can install the CEP feature into WSO2 BAM (If you haven’t worked with WSO2 products, this just a few clicks on the UI). The CEP feature can subscribe to any broker that supports WS-Eventing or JMS and receive any events and fire alerts through the same. So, this means that BAM is now ready for defining KPIs. With BAM‘s dashboards and  data publishers you have a powerful monitoring product at your disposal.

Stay tuned with a tutorial on covering a whole scenario of KPI definition on alerting based on the WSO2 product stack.


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