Does no law apply to facebook?

I recently noticed a plethora of fake profiles popping up. At first all these fake profiles seem harmless. Even hilarious. But as the world gets on Facebook it becomes a mechanism for low lives to exploit the “social network”.

Now, many of you must be wondering why I’m whining about this? Doesn’t facebook have a “Report abuse” mechanism. Of course they have it. The only problem it’s as fake as the fake profiles. Why do I say this? Don’t just listen to me. See for yourselves.

Looking at the above discussion it’s evident that facebook only has the reporting mechanism just to “appear” as a law abiding citizen. And also having this allows facebook also to “appear” as concerned for the safety and privacy of its users.

So where does this put the rights of its users? Well, there are no rights. Forget about privacy. Forget about justice. If someone puts up a fake profile and tries to ruin your image or abuse you, then there’s nothing you can do. Well, “just get off facebook”, some will say. But think about it. Even if you get off facebook, still the fake profile will continue, the abuse will continue, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do. No one’s prosecuting facebook. I mean, why should they? Mark Zuckerburg is Time’s person of the year after all. lol.

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