Tip on Check in client

The check in client is a neat tool to import and export data from the Registry to the File system. I ran into a small issue when working with it on a H2 database.

For some Databases (specially H2) the check-in client of the WSO2 Governance Registry reports a certain error:

“Error in initializing the Realm Service. Some databases like h2, derby in file mode, doesn’t allow to have multiple connections. In such case, Please make sure no other is connected to the database. If you running the script in separate place, please make sure you have given absolute paths to the file-based database urls.”

This problem by running the check-in client from the GREG_HOME folder. GREG_HOME is the location where the distribution was extracted to.

So now instead of,

GREG_HOME/bin > sh checkin-client.sh co / -u admin -p admin

run the command like this:

GREG_HOME> sh bin/checkin-client.sh co / -u admin -p admin

Hope this work around helps you folks out there who uses this neat tool.

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