No. of IE 8 downloads = 8 x No. of children fed = SHAME on Microsoft

This is one of the most shameful acts of marketing I’ve ever seen. The number of downloads determine the number of children Microsoft will feed???? What a ridiculous attempt to popularize it’s web browser. If you want to feed the children do such a CSR act without manipulating it to sell your software. Microsoft has enough money to feed the children forever if they want to and they resort to such a shameful act of marketing to popularize their software.

Microsoft is ever so famous for their attempt to destroy Netscape by including IE free with Windows. Is this another petty attempt such as that? And this is cleverly disguised in the form of CSR. Of course, one can argue that at least its feeding children, so what’s the harm. Yes, what’s the harm indeed, when a company that can potentially feed billions uses it to just increase their downloads.

What they should’ve done is feed the children and brand that campaign with IE 8 in some clever way (They are clever people, we know that). This is like admitting they can’t beat Firefox any other way. Good going, firefox!

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