Make your Ubuntu sexy… screenlets and docks ;)

Ubuntu is great for a lot of stuff. It’s GUI layout is making some really fascinating progress. It’s almost perfect to handle everything without the command line (almost being the key word here).

But I wanted to add a bit more colour to the desktop. Why not borrow some ideas from the Mac itself. Not exactly ideas, but implementations, these ideas have been around for sometime.

Let’s add some widgets to your desktop. Screenlets served the cause for me. They warn of it still being in the introductory stage. So do forgive the devs if it’s a bit laggy. But to the colour it adds to your desktop, its totally worth it. Sexy, comes with a price 😉

Sometimes the screenlets manager starts multiple screenlets, goes a bit cranky. Never fear. Go to the ~/.config/screenlets and in the screenlet that’s being a pain in the arse, you’ll find multiple .ini files. Check it out and delete off the unnecessary ones.

Next, let’s get a docker. Yes, that sexy thing in the Mac OS X. It’s the avant window navigator. That’s what I have tried out, but it’s not the only one. Just google it and you’ll see what I mean. This is memory friendly, and looks so cool. I just love it. (You can check the memory in a sexy way using the sensor screenlet… hehe)

Make sure you add it to the start up programs in your session if you want it every time.

Be warned~ These things take up memory. But sexy comes with a price, and in the open source world, it ain’t cash, but memory. Hail open source!

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