Scripting Insantiy ?!@#

It has been a daunting task to script… No no… not to actually start doing it but to actually find a language to script.

It was suggested that if I was new to programming I should try python, as it is more structured. Since I’m not new to programming I thought I’ll go for something more powerful. Hmmm, PHP is popular. Being a heavy metal lover I never liked popular stuff. And obviously it was very popular cause it was easy, widely used and blah blah. Maybe I should try Perl. This was more or less influenced by what one of my colleagues said about it’s manipulation capabilities.

I didn’t give up on javascript though, since it was client side with all the hype about Ajax. I’d like to know that too.

So yeah perl and javascript… But wait perl 5 or perl 6 … that’s a problem too. Interesting though. So many things to review to just to make the choice of what to learn… haha… Maybe it’s getting too complex for its own good… Then again. It’s freedom of choice.

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